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Communication Streamlined ...Secure Medical Alert/Response Technology

Secure Medical Alert/Response Technology

SMART is a highly effective application for streamlining communication between healthcare professionals. Instead of relying on disruptive phone calls or disorganized text messages, your healthcare professionals can use the SMART App to communicate via customized text messaging that is secure and HIPAA compliant, all without ever exposing their personal contact information.

SMART delivers fast, accurate information & instruction sharing between nursing staff and doctors.

  • 2-Way Swift & Secured Communication
  • Avoid Miscommunication
  • Logged Communication Entries
  • Future CPOE Integration

How SMART works ?

The use of SMART, for example can be initiated by the nurse who inputs the patient details into the application to be forwarded to the doctor. The doctor instantly receives the SMART message alert containing the relevant patient details, and responds with instructions for the nurse, who receives it as an instant notification. If required, the doctor can also call the nurse directly from the application. It’s a simple and powerful communication that works wonders for hospital utilization and patient flow.

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