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Hospital Admissions, Streamlined ...Direct Admit System for Hospitals

DASH, short for Direct Admit System for Hospitals, is a healthcare tool that streamlines and significantly improves the hospital direct admission process. The goal is to swiftly admit patients from an out-patient setting into a hospital.

DASH saves time, DASH saves lives.

DASH Story

DASH was created out of the passion of two doctors determined to provide better healthcare to their patients and improve communication between out-patient and in-patient healthcare professionals.

These primary healthcare physicians developed DASH software as they struggled to secure their patients a bed in a hospital, due to complicated hospital processes and the amount of time their staff would take to coordinate the process. This software system speeds up and simplifies the admission process.

Three simple steps ..


The User clicks the Direct Admit button and the Direct Admit Form appears on the screen.


Filling in the patient’s details, the User takes just 2-4 minutes to complete the Direct Admit Form.


Admission is confirmed within minutes of completing the form and a Hospital Boarding Pass is then issued to the patient.

How DASH works ?

DASH was designed to speed up the patient admission process and avoid wasting valuable time and money. To achieve this goal, DASH empowers healthcare givers and associated staff of the DASH-enabled hospital.

Admitting Physicians (AP) and the Hospital Bed Coordinators (HBC) use the DASH app on their smartphones to receive admit alerts. APs, HBCs and Hospital Administration Executives are connected to the core DASH team, comprising the SMS Account Rep and the External & Internal Liaisons, through a Wi-Fi network within the hospital.

Click Metrics

DASH delivers powerful metrics to help hospitals improve their processes and enhance patient satisfaction. Metrics include:

  • Click-To-Bed Time
  • Physician Acceptance Rate
  • Most Common Referring Facilities
  • Most Common Referring Physicians
  • Most Common Diagnosis
  • Marketing Strategy Analysis
  • Hospital Referral Analysis
  • Hospital Throughput Analysis

DASH Benefits

All primary DASH stakeholders, namely patients, clinicians and hospitals, benefit greatly from DASH. Benefits include:

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction
  • Avoid Expensive ER Costs
  • Appropriate Medical Care Facility Localization
  • Decreased ER Crowding
  • Increased Hospital Occupancy

DASH Described

Since DASH was conceived by medical doctors, it is remarkably easy to use. DASH users describe the system with words like “SURPRISINGLY CONVENIENT”, “REVOLUTIONIZED” and “BEYOND COMPARE”.

Become DASH Enabled

Be a DASH enabled hospital. Please free to contact us today to discover how your hospital can become DASH enabled.


The DASH LIVE demo is the perfect way to experience the dramatic improvement in your direct admission process before purchasing the complete version.

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