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Referrals Made Easy ...Consult & Referral Management App

CARMA – Consult & Referral Management App

Current referral management leaves a lot to be desired. The inefficient management of patient referrals results in only 50% of referred patients reaching the clinic/physician they are referred to. To this end Streamlined Medical Solutions designed its Consult & Referral Management App.

Helping Patients make it to the Referred Physician

CARMA connects patients, clinics, and the specialist or consultant. As soon as a clinic uses the app to refer a patient to a specialist, a consult alert is created for the consulting specialist and his or her staff. The immediate notification lets the consulting staff schedule an appointment with the patient, removing any ambiguity on the patient’s part. This translates into a much higher rate of visits to the referred physician.

Carma includes ..

Streamlined Communication

Efficient Coordination of Care

Continuity of Care

Enabling Speedy Specialist Visits in the Hospital

CARMA can also be used in conjunction with DASH. This is done when DASH is used to transfer a patient form the outpatient setting or clinic to the hospital. The patient is then referred from the hospital using CARMA. The specialist receives a consult alert, as well as the hospital staff that schedules the appointment.

Whether it’s the hospital floor staff or the admitting physician who refers the patient, CARMA can be used to send a consult alert to a doctor, or a consult request to several doctors. Once they accept or decline the request based on their availability, the appointment or visit can be scheduled just as swiftly.

  • Increase provider and patient satisfaction
  • Sustainable referral network for increased revenue
  • Facilitate secure exchange of patient information
  • Rapid confirmations
  • Reduce staff duties

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