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Can I get trial account to test drive on any of the Optimus Stream applications?
You can. Please fill out the demo request form and we will contact you within 24-48 hours to garner your specific requirements.

Our admission process may be a bit different than what’s stated in your website. Can we have DASH fully map to our current business process?
Absolutely. We expect each hospital or division of hospitals to have their own admission process. We can work with your staff to ensure DASH is customized to meet your exact needs.

How much responsibility and overhead does my IT department have to take on if we implement DASH or CARMA?
The short answer is none. Optimus Stream Apps are offered as a “software-as-a-service”. Streamlined is fully accountable and responsible for providing its client the highest level of quality of service. Your IT department may get involved in the pilot or assessment phase, but post-implementation, any support or technical issues related to DASH, CARMA or SMART are directly routed to our Support Desk.

How much does it cost?
We offer couple of different pricing options and our Sales staff will be happy to elaborate during the demo. Please contact sales@streamlinedmedical.com for further information.

Is Optimus Stream HIPAA compliant?
We pride ourselves in providing our clients secure, stable and scalable solutions. Our solutions adhere to higher standards than are required by HIPAA regulations. Please refer to our Compliance section for additional information.

Do you only do business in Texas?
Although we are based in Texas, we do offer our services nationwide. We are close to expanding our footprint into Maryland and Michigan in the upcoming months.

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